SCAN has partnered with Virgin Pulse for all your wellness needs.

What is the Virgin Pulse Wellness Program?

Virgin Pulse is the administrator for our comprehensive Wellness Program that supports and encourages healthy behavior and lifestyle choices. This program makes it easier and more rewarding to take care of your health - and it's available to you and your family members at no cost. Participate in challenges, log your daily activities and earn points and rewards while having fun!

Who Can Participate?

All SCAN employee can participate to earn points toward rewards and recognition all while achieving your best self. Whether exercise is already part of your daily routine or you’re looking to build healthier habits, Virgin Pulse can get you there.

How Does it Work?

The Virgin Pulse Wellness Program is a points-based wellness program that allows you to identify and complete activities that interest you and help you achieve your personal goals. Start earning today. Get healthy. Get fit. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Get rewarded. It’s that easy! The more wellness activities you complete, the more you earn — it doesn’t get much better than that. The program is designed to be holistic and customizable to you. Each activity in the program is assigned relative point values. Every time you complete an activity, the corresponding points are credited to your account.

Here’s what you can do with the Virgin Pulse Wellness Program:

  • Complete the assessment to learn about your strengths and areas of improvement
  • Explore and join activities designed to build healthy habits
  • Discover tools and educational content to help you bring your best, at work and at home
  • Join your coworkers and SCAN through social feeds
  • Participate in team activities and connect with others along the way
  • Connect your devices and apps to easily track your activities on the go

Get Rewarded for Getting Healthy

To start earning today, visit the Virgin Pulse website or call 1-888-671-9395.

Additional Wellness Programs Available through Virgin Pulse

When you sign up for Virgin Pulse, you also have access to additional wellness programs offered to SCAN employees such as Diet ID, Headspace and SilverCloud. Participate in these wellness programs to earn points and rewards.

​Diet ID

Diet ID is a digital nutrition app that helps you learn new eating habits that stick! Start with a simple assessment and then enroll in personalized challenges to help you make small habit changes each day. And, while you're on your journey, you'll receive regular education and cooking tips videos to motivate you along the way.

To get access to your free subscription, join through the Virgin Pulse platform, click on the benefits tab and then the Headspace button.


Headspace is meditation made simple and your personal guide to mindfulness and a restful night's sleep. Sign up and get:

  • Themed exercises on everything from stress to sleep to self-esteem
  • A new meditation every 24 hour with Everyday Headspace
  • A growing collection of sleep sounds and bedtime exercises to help you drift off

To get access to your free subscription, join through the Virgin Pulse platform, click on the benefits tab and then the Headspace button.


SilverCloud is a confidential internet-based program that delivers online therapeutic and psycho-education programs aimed to offer information and support for employees experiencing problems related to mental health such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and sleep.

Start your mental health journey and sign up for SilverCloud through the Virgin Pulse platform click on the benefits tab and then the SilverCloud button.